Divine Indulgence LLC

About Me



Ever since i can remember i loved to bake.

Being the only girl among five boys raised by my grandmother.

I was always in the kitchen next to her learning all i could learn.

Cake decorating brings so much joy to my life.

I have always been good at bringing happiness to people so when i started my business Divine Indulgence in 2016 it was one of the most gratifying accomplishments that i have ever pushed myself to accomplish creating. Being a loving wife and mother of the four is my greatest accomplishments but i am honored to know that my creatively and skills in the kitchen brings so many people joy. Being 32 and accomplishing so much is an honor because i know many people go through their life without finding their purpose i just would like to give god all the glory for all of my talents baking just happened to be one of them. As i continue to grow as an entrepreneur and chef i cannot wait to share my growth and  talents with the world

Baton Rouge,LA